Policemen brutalize female student over street vulcanizer (Photo)


William Faulkner Sewuese Mathew, a student of Lagos State University (LASU)  was attacked at Durosimi Drive in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, around 11:30am on 8th of February, 2017 by men of the Nigeria Police Force attached to the area in the company of her friend Lilian Ifemeludike who is a Champion Ambassador of the United Nations for Women Empowerment on their way to the United Nation Women Empowerment mission.

Below is part of the story as shared by Lilian…

“My full names Lilian Ifemeludike and my foster sister’s name is Sewuese Matthew. I am a United Nations Women Empowerment Champion and I was heading for a meeting with my United Nations Women Mentor when I realised that I had a flat tire so I went to fix it along Durosimi Etti Drive in Lekki phase one Lagos. I went along with my personal assistant who is also my foster sister. While the vulcanizer was checking my tire, some mobile police and taskforce men came to seize his machine.

I tried to plead with them to let him fix back my tire since he had removed it already. While still pleading with him, my sister came to me crying that she was punched in the eyes by a mobile police man. As I went to show their team leader what they had done to my sister, they asked me to gibe them my phone, when I refused, they hit me to the ground and strated to punch and kick me amd finally collected my phone so I followed them since they had my phone…”

However, the umbrella body of all Nigerian students, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has condemned in totality the attack and other numerous maltreatment given to students by the Nigerian police.