Expelled Law School Student: The Inside Story


Recently, several blogs and media outlets had published a story about an expelled student of the Nigerian law school. Undoubtedly, the story is true, but the reason for the expulsion as published by some media outfits tilt to massive distortion of facts.

Given the above scenario, majority of students of the Nigerian Law School were however disappointed at what could be termed as lazy journalism by members of the press who did not carry out the required investigation after they were fed with misrepresentations from the expelled student.

Youths Digest magazine, Which has been following this delicate issue spoke to a member of the Student Representative council of the Nigerian law school over the telephone where he gave his own version of the events leading up to the said expulsion.

The whole episode began as a result of a dispute over a seat at the multi-purpose Lecture hall. The dispute was escalated by Mr. Kayode (the expelled student) who wrote a petition against the lecture-room manager, Mr Akinyemi, addressed to the school management calling for his sack. When this outrageous petition was not acted upon, he wrote another petition calling for the removal of the Director-General alleging amongst other things, corrupt practices which he attributed to poor-living conditions of students.  This time, his petition was addressed to the president of Nigeria, the EFCC, the ICPC and the Council of Legal Education. He followed up on this by attempting to mobilize students against the management. None of the students joined him but however embarked on a one-man protest, calling for the removal of the Director-General and the classroom manager.

It must be stated that amongst the rules governing students at the law school is a strict prohibition of protest in all forms. While I do not know the contents of the council’s case against Kayode, this appears to be the reason for his summons by the disciplinary arm of the council whose invitation he consistently turned down. This was why none of the students was surprised when a notice was pasted on several notice boards in the campus informing us about his expulsion.

On the supposed poor living conditions cited by some of our colleagues as the reason for his expulsion, I must add that the Nigeria law school has one of the best living conditions amongst public institutions in the country and rivalled to my knowledge by the Nigerian Defence Academy(NDA).

As much as possible, the law school has attended to the reasonable demands of students including the repair of faulty air-conditioners, the provision of electricity in the early hours of the morning for students to heat water amongst others.

On the alleged bias of the student representative body, it must be stated that the student council set up a committee to look into Kayode’s grievances with the school management. And when he was questioned by the committee as to why he had refused to shelve his one-man protest despite the efforts of the management, he kept mute and walked out on the committee. This development has happened twice.

While the reasons for Kayode’s irrational actions remain unclear, it is important for the press not to assist people in their quest to attain fame at the expense of others.

NNAMDI UZUEGBU, a member of the Student’s Representative Council recently spoke to Youths digest on telephone.

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