Court sanction Sierra Leone filmmakers for controversial storyline

Seirra Leone

SIERRA Leonean movie producers, Sheku Ngaojia and Alpha Sibbie, who were remanded at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre last week for producing a controversial movie titled Tribal War: Mende versus Temne, have paid a fine of one million leones (USD200) each as option to one year jail term.

Although there is said to be no censorship board gate keeping in Sierra Leon, the defendants had pleaded guilty to the offence on the grounds that their movie is capable of inciting unrest among the two tribes portrayed in the film.

According to particulars of offence, on Sunday 21st February 2016, Sheku Ngaojia and Alpha Sibbie did publish a movie titled Tribal War: Mende versus Temne at the Valentino Hall in Bo and according to the court, such publications are likely to encourage or promote ill feelings and hostility among the people of Sierra Leone.

Court records states that the producers posted one hundred and nine (109) posters, one (1) master DVD plate and one hundred and forty (140) copies of DVD plates.