Former Mr. Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese, has refuted claims that he is a male escort, also popularly tagged ‘gigolo’.

Emmanuel Ikubese
Emmanuel Ikubese

It was said that the actor’s much talked about role in the movie, FIFTY, in which he played a gigolo, got people talking about how he lived this role in reality.

However, in a recent chat with Encomium Magazine, the model debunked the claim, saying all allegations are false.

He gave the following statement:

“That is the problem. In Hollywood, if you need a black person for a role, you cannot cast a white person for that role. It is not about being a gigolo.”

“Permit me to use this word; I am good looking, so I pass on for that person. If you are looking at someone who can act a gigolo, you need someone handsome with six packs, not just anybody will fit into that role but that’s not what I am.”

When asked if it was true that he liked older women, he said,

“That is not true. I don’t like older women”.

“I think it is never about people’s age or looks, it is about their character, the way you see others, their way of life and the positive vibes they have around them.”

“Friendship is beyond age, relationships. It is about how you guys connect; inspire each other and how you believe in each other, somebody who is willing to go the extra mile with you. Those are the basic things,”  Emmanuel added.

When asked about his opinion on the ‘Gender Equality Bill’, the actor who is known to have been vocal on the War Against Violence, said

“Even with the gender equality thing, it doesn’t change anything.”

“There are some women who beat men. My concern about it is that women are often the victims. I feel it is the man’s duty to protect the woman.”

‘’When the man does otherwise, I think there is a problem. That is why I am focused on campaigning against domestic violence.”

Well, there you have it, the former Mr. Nigeria, model and actor has cleared the air about the suspicions surrounding his personal life, and allegations of him being a gigolo.