The Rivers State Senior Secondary Schools Board, has suspended the principal of Community Girls Secondary School, for diverting WAEC registration funds, which was supposed to be used for thirty-five students, to his own personal use.

Waec Funds

David Briggs, Chairman of the board, disclosed the allegation against Mr Ogbakiri Chibuzo Eyinda, during a meeting between community members and parents of students who were affected, including members of the board.

David Briggs ordered that the issue be directed to a disciplinary committee, that would then advise them on the next steps to take.

While doing this, Briggs also assured parents of affected students, that the board would give special attention to their WAEC registration in subsequent occasions.

“Mr. Eyindah, the decision is very simple. I hereby place you on indefinite suspensions. Your matter is also hereby referred to the disciplinary committee for further investigation and recommendation.”

“I am also directing that the supervision and monitoring department of the Board should immediately go to NECO.”

Eyinda who has been accused of diverting funds, decided to explain his side of the story, saying, “In January this year, I was diagnosed to have water in my lungs and the doctor told me that it was a medical emergency and he said I would die if I don’t treat it within 7 days.

“I spent over N300,000, so I used part of the money of my treatment because of this emergency.”

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