The comptroller General of Customs, Col Hameed Ali (retired), officially became a classroom teacher yesterday, in the Gwadabawa local government, Sokoto State.

Hameed delivered a lecture on International Trade and Balance of Payment at the government Secondary Schooly, Gwadabawa, reminding students that smuggling creates a lot of social problems in the country.

According to him, Nigerians have an insatiable appetite to acquire what they do not even want.

He put a lot of emphasis on that, noting that the Nigerian Customs was not against both domestic and international trade. He said the only thing they were after was to ensure that people comply with the laws of the country, while venturing in such business.

He also noted that though the country may seem to be in bad state, economically, there will be reasons to be proud of Nigeria soon.

“change comes with pains. But after a while, people will adjust. The pain is just but for a while. Other nations do not waste their resources the way we do,” he said.

“Though, I want Nigerians to understand that the importation of rice is not banned, but all that was said is that, it must be through sea borders hence people are deliberately refusing to pay for such goods when brought in through the land borders,” he said on the issues of rice importation.