Technology has brought many developmental devices and machines that have shaped our daily lives, some of which include planes, motor vehicles, computers, Internet, mobile phones amongst others.

These gadgets if effectively utilized are meaningful and remarkable. Take the mobile phone for instance, one can use it to make calls and speak to people continents away, thus, it fosters communication and information sharing. Furthermore, the evolution of the Internet has even gone a whole lot further in easing information accessibility, connection and interaction among people around the globe.
Unfortunately many youths waste the potential of these gadgets. All they focus on are the irrelevancies that abound on the internet.  Social media applications have become the new playground for youths as they spend a large chunk of their day Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagraming, chatting on Blackberry Messenger and Whatsapp and the likes. 
There is quite a lot to gain from social media than just catching up with the latest gossip. Many motivational and inspirational people and ideas can be found and gleaned from the social media. It also should never be a replacement for personal interaction with other humans around.

Again, many parents have left the upbringing of their children to the Internet. Thus, these youths are influedned by the flambouyant lifestlyles they come across from celebrities which makes them emulate these starts. They even take the lives of these stars more seriously than they do theirs! This continues to erode the moral fabric of the nation. Furthermore, the social media has become a breeding ground for terrorists to recruit naïve youths to their cause. Thus, parents have to buckle up and take back their place in the lives of their children.

Even the rural areas are not left out as parents have allowed more freedom to their wards. When I was in primary school, I remember the series of activities that were lined up for me from morning to evening. These activities kept us busy: from Local Quranic school widely known as “Makarantan Allo,” to primary school to the ” Rubutun Allo” where I learnt how to write Quran Arabic text. During the weekend a local boy would accompany his father to farm or carry some assignments like taking care of some domestic animals. In fact every responsible family had such activities that kept their wards busy, but unfortunately, these things are becoming history.

In academics environments students find it difficult to study without surfing their phones which may distract them and hinder assimilation. These obsessions need to stop.

As Mahatma Gandhi of India said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” A change of attitude toward technology is needed and parents have a lot to do by monitoring closely the activities of their wards, inculcating good norms and values in them so we can have a better society. In the words of the wise “Charity begins at home.”
I stand to be corrected!

Imrana Garba (B.Engr ATBU)

Writes  from  Kafin-Madaki, Ganjuwa Local Government  Bauchi State.
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