#RIPMayowa: Following the death of Mayowa Ahmed, Nigerians on different social media platforms are mourning the exit of the cancer patient.


Mayowa Ahmed, 22, died of complications from ovarian cancer.

News of Ms. Ahmed’s death circulated Sunday afternoon, first among family and friends before spreading to social media.

“By Allah, in whose hands our lives are, Mayowa Ahmed has left us in this world. We pray that Jannat becomes her home,” the announcement, tweeted by @Asiwaju_Foye, read.

The tweet was, however, silent on when Ms. Ahmed died or if the unfortunate incident occurred where she had been receiving treatment overseas.

Ms. Ahmed was flown to South Africa earlier this month after successfully raising nearly N100 million from crowdfunding appeal which was coordinated by her family and some entertainment celebrities including Toyin Aimakhu.

The fundraiser suffered a major public relations setback towards the end of July after reports that the whole process was a scam ignited a furore on social media.

Ironically, it was Ms. Aimakhu who spearheaded the campaign against further support for Ms. Mayowa, alleging a conspiracy amongst her family members to exploit the situation of their loved one for financial gain. She was later joined by blogger, Linda Ikeji.

The police later cleared the family members of complicity, saying it was a mere case of communication gap by the parties involved.

On Sunday evening, Nigerians were paying tribute on social media, with #RIPMayowa trending at number one on Nigerian Twitter.

“All the pains, physical and emotional, are gone. Mayowa’s face will be smoother now, free from the tortures of cancer,” said a post by @NeduNaija.

Another social media expert, Dupe Kila, said “She has gone to rest. Strong, beautiful woman. God be with your family. #RIPMayowa.”

Radio personality, Tolu Oniru,Toolz  said the news was “so heartbreaking. #RIPMayowa.”

Ms. Ahmed’s passing was also widely mourned on Facebook, where close to 70,000 people were discussing it as at 7:26 p.m. Sunday.

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