Police attended the scene on Saturday morning and found the body after they lifted up the mattress of the bed. Police, who have sent the body for forensic examination to determine the cause of death, said the unidentified victim had been dead for around 3 days.

On Friday, a couple checked into the same room and immediately complained about a foul smell and asked staff if they could spray some air freshener in their room.

Pattaya police chief Pol Col Apichai Kropphet said officers had viewed CCTV footage and identified two men they believe are the suspects. A hunt for the killers was launched andwithin 24 hours investigators apprehended the two teenagers at a bus terminal waiting to board a bus bound for their hometown in Kora.
During questioning the pair admired to murder with the elder of the two telling cops he strangled the bar worker with the help of his younger friend who held her legs because the victim wanted to have sex with him.
He went on to explain the pair had become friends via Facebook and  she encouraged the teenager to come to Pattaya and look for work offering to help take care of him.
He arrived with his 14-year-old friend for company , he then booked the hotel room and brought them food when she finished working at a local bar.
All was fine until Thursday night when the trio returned to the room and the topic of sex came up.
The pair became involved in a heated argument when the teenager turned down her request for sex that led to a physical altercation that ultimately resulted in murder.
The elder teen admitted he went into a rage after hearing the transgender’s proposition for sex as he believed she wanted to help him without anything in return which turned out not to be the case.
The pair have been charged with premeditated murder and concealment of a body, with other charges likely to follow.

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