Tope Jaji
Tope Jaji

Going by what we are all experiencing,  it’s sad to know we are constantly issuing out expression of heart aches as regards our expectation from government .  We voted the previous administration out and what did we get?  CHANGE! 

It’s a twist from the change we had at heart. We wanted things to go from bad to good. I salute President Muhammadu Buhari’s determination on fighting corruption but that’s a single agenda.
Sir, kindly let the relevant anti-corruption agencies handle their businesses.
It’s time to fight poverty, reorganize educational and health system, provide constant electricity and all other relevant services to improve the quality of life and living standard of Nigerians. The prices of household groceries and essential services are becoming unbearable. From foodstuffs to transportation, electricity, adequate water supply to worth of our savings. For those that are able to save at all, they have come to realize how miniature their sacrifices measure. Several years of savings end up in the belly of a single event, problem or purchase. 
It would be worthy to note the price of the single commodity we have base our entire economy on, petrol. Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as petrol travelled from 87 naira to 145 naira and salaries remain the same. The same matter is witnessed in the power sector; electricity bill was increase by 40%, heavy bill, yet no regular power supply. Also we’ve been paying water rate, only to have water once in a week hence our habit of water storage has improved. When did we start living on sliding slope! Nigerians, I hail thee. We are real survivors.
And what happened to the Unity Schools? These were schools that groomed most of the present power stakeholders. Most of these glorious institutions are now ghosts of what they use to be. I attended one of the Federal Government Colleges, and I still can recollect the envy of those who we are contemporaries, who had wished they also got admitted or had previously sort but didn’t get admission into my school. We need the ‘pro unitate’ back. 
The health sector is the worse. Most people I know don’t even go to the hospitals. They prefer a quick shower of doses from the nearest patent medicine stores. And self-treatment has been the order of the day. I pray we don’t fall victims of bad drugs or fake drugs, whatever we prefer to call it. And I suppose the latest drug abuse by the youth is even a slack of health system (topic for another day)!
We are worried, probably because we’ve seen better days or we have never seen anything as bad as this. Our only hopes are the youths. Time to stand up and determine our own destiny! This CHANGE is comparable to what we get after paying for services and goods, the remainder of after-payment. 
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