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NOUN is subscribed to a database server (Microsoft) and that is the picture you always see lately whenever you click on course registration or try to open the TMA portal.
Sometimes, they have issues with the subscription (which may be _*possibly*_ due to some financial or technical glitch) and once such issue comes up, the NOUN portal will be bringing out that blue screen until the issue is resolved. It sometimes takes up to a week or less, depending on how long the due processes are taken before the issues are resolved.
Apparently, it has affected the TMA portal, Students portal and also Application portal (for prospective students who are applying to for admission in NOUN).
This however does not indicate closure or the portal. If at all, anything would close, it is the REGISTRATION PORTAL and not the TMA portal. No portal would close without prior notice. If I could find the picture, I will show u one of the notice of the last semester’s TMA closure. So knowing the implications on students, NOUN would never close the TMA portal without prior information!
The TMA portal will be re-opened once the server issue is being resolved. If at all it would close, then you will be informed head. Tho the notification might be short (that would be up to their discretion).
Usually, NOUN TMA portal does not close until the very last day of the e-exam.. even if anything would change (perhaps as a result of the new administration), there will still be a prior information in that respect, no matter what!
Finally, I would like to bring you to the following observations:
1. Even if the TMA portal would have closed, students will still be able to open their portal but would only not be able to open or submit any questions. But in this case, it is not opening at all, but bringing out a blue screen. That simply indicates that their site has issues!
2. Students portal is also coming up with the same blue screen, definitely, even if course and exam registration has closed, there are still some other things u could do with the portal… u can print out your ID card, course and exam registration slips, check registered courses, view past exam results, etc. But here, the portal is not evening opening at all… that simply shows they have issues!
3. Even if other portals close, one things that is for sure is that the application portal does not close. Prospective students will always have access to apply for admission into NOUN (even on Christmas Day). As far as you can generate the Remita Code and make payments (either via online or bank transactions). The portal for new applicants never closes. But now, if you open and try to start your application, it will bring out the same blue screen.. that still shows they have server problem!
The problem will soon be resolved and everything will be fine. _It is even possible that it was due to the expected break-down of the portal that they quickly decided to pass the message that registration will close on 30th of September.
The summary of all the story so far is:
1. NOUN server is currently down and hence the blue screen observed each time you try to log in. *This does not mean that the TMA or Applications portal is closed.*
2. TMA portal will still remain open once the server issue is resolved. It will not close unless a closing date is earlier specified in a notification from the school’s official website.
3. The only portal that may be agreed to be closed is the _course and exam registration_, and it *might* be reopened for a while more when the server issue is resolved as many students were affected by the short notice. (Tho the school had given enough grace as it was supposed to have closed since July 22nd, 2016 according to the school calendar).
4. It is also very safe to act fast.. hence, utilize the downtime to look for money ahead and be ready to pay in should in case of possible reopening of the course and exam registration.
5. Similarly, it is super safe to be ready to submit all your TMAs once the server issue is resolved and the TMA portal is opened.