Suleiman Kwande
Hon. Suleiman Kwande

In life most selfless leaders attempt to establish an everlasting legacy to be remembered for. However, it may not be out of place to celebrate the exemplary leadership qualities of the living and also to encourage our subjects to replicate their traits as a protégé to them.

Most often, many politicians resort to chest beating as a way of counting the period of their sojourn on earth and politics. But for others it is there actions which is based on their humility, community services, hard work and their fight for the less privileged and ordinary that speaks for them. Such type of politician is Hon. Suleiman Yahaya-Kwande, member representing Jos North/Bassa federal Constituency who turns 46 years old today the 4th of April, 2017.

One interesting thing that caught my attention ever since I became an aide to this exceptional personality is his humility and service to his people. If service to the people were to be an art; he is the Da Vinci of it. If it were to be a work of art; he is definitely the Bernard Shaw of our time.

He is a leader who is always in a hurry to leave more developmental marks in his constituency. This is in contrast to others that shun away from their people, especially at the grassroots.

Kwande, as an educationist, all his life, has been of total service to his people, as a both as a civil servant and a politician. How can one describe a man who has rose to the status of a senior civil servant and a Two-term member of House of Representatives without stupendous wealth? This is simply because he has a staunch stand against corruption.

Kwande’s style of leadership is pro-masses not anti-masses. A lot of people refer to him as Marxist and a disciple of the Marxist ideology. He is a leader that believes in positive changes without making noises; who doesn’t attract pomp and fanfare not even on his executed gargantuan projects; He is a leader who chooses to pray amidst the ordinary worshippers instead of taking vantage position in the mosque; He is a person who doesn’t talk too much but strike appropriately to provide the necessary changes; He is a person who his political opponents don’t mistake his meekness as sign of weakness because he always finds his way out.

His ever-growing political fans and lovers can testify that he is a leader who so much believes in the youth as the leaders of tomorrow slogan. He is someone that always stand for the youth, He is always happy to see a youth in a position of authority.

Kwande’s conferment with the title of Tafidan Irigwe and Talban Buji did not come to his supporters as a surprise because of his tremendous achievement in so many areas within the shortest time frame, which includes: Security, empowerment, health services, sports, awarding of scholarships and so on.

He is a leader who sees education as a veritable tool and backbone of every successful society. He has built and renovated many schools in his constituency. He has provided a lot of empowerment support, which his constituents are continuously enjoying from. Such support includes distribution of Tricycles, Sewing and grinding machines, water-pumping machines; cash support to start up businesses among others. His enormous programmes have provided employment opportunities to the youth in his constituency both the males and their female counterparts.

He has also contributed immensely to the health sector in his constituency as he has built, renovated and equipped many hospitals, provided motorized and hand pump boreholes that has successful curbed the water scarcity that was persistent in the zone.

A leader that drives alone with his driver within and outside the city without any security escort, he sit always in the front unlike other politicians that take the so called “owners corner” as a priority. I remember when I was stranded and had to go to an event and his driver was no-where to be found, he single handedly drove and dropped me by himself, this is to tell you how simple he is. His response to solve communal societal issues is always timely. He is one of the most vibrant legislators on new media, which can be evidently proved.

In Kwande’s effort to provide more job opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths, He sponsored a bill for the establishment of the Nigerian Institute of Mining and Geo-sciences Jos, which has already scaled second reading. If it is passed into law, it will provide thousands of employment to our unemployed teeming youths, He provided I.C.T gadgets to enable his constituents to register for the Federal government N-power initiative free of charge and many have so far benefited from it.

He facilitated the provision and installation of transformers, motor vans and security gadgets to support and compliment the effort of our vigilante groups. He has also made Available heavy trucks to clean dump refuse to eradicate lassa fever scourge in Jos, Van donation to PFA and numerous sports kits to boost sporting activities are one out of his numerous reforms in his constituency.

To sum it all, the number of projects currently on progress in his constituency out-numbered the ones that he has already executed, among which include the construction of a multi-purpose town-hall meeting for his constituents in Jos among others.

My leader, My member, the most jovial and friendly legislator in Nigeria,  as you mark  another birthday today, you mark a day closer to the prospects of a higher calling.

We offer our prayers for good health and long life for more service to the people.
Happy Birthday Sir!

Written by Comrade Usman Jafaar

Media aide to Hon. Sulieman Yahaya Kwande

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