I want to use this medium to make a passionate appeal to the Nigerian Police and the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, in particular, to please call the trigger-happy policemen of Jos to order. It was recently reported in March, 2017, that a policeman identified as Isa allegedly gunned down one Abubakar Wushishi, who was part of a group conveying the remains of a deceased person to the burial ground.

An eye witness who narrated to some human rights activists stated, that a fracas ensued, when the police accused some youth of violating traffic rule near Angwan Rogo Police Station, and in the course of the fracas, that particular police man is alleged to have repeatedly made a statement in Hausa that he would kill somebody “today”, and he later fired a shot that killed Abubakar who was away from the scene.

Again, a 27 year old plumber identified as Adamu Isah Mamma lost his life yesterday (10/5/2017), due to a deadly injury he sustained from live ammunition allegedly fired by one of some policemen from C Division, Jos, who were undergoing a patrol to enforce the ban on motorcycles around Yan Taya Junction, Terminus, Jos on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. In this situation also, the deceased was only a passerby who went to terminus market to make purchase for a plumbing job he was undergoing.

There is no point that innocent citizens should lose their lives for no reason. This is very dangerous and should not be happening in a volatile city like Jos, which has just started experiencing peace from years of unrest. I therefore call on the Nigerian Police Force in general; the IGP, who has received both National and international recognition for his good work; and all authorities concerned, to investigate and ensure that the policemen who partook in perpetrating these unprofessional, unpatriotic and inhuman acts are punished  to maintain discipline, professionalism and respect for human lives in the police. This is very important to prevent any negative reaction from the youth, who are supposed to be handled with care. It could be recalled that after the death of the first victim mentioned above, the Angwan Rogo Police station had to be guarded for several days by soldiers to protect the police from the unknown. So, punishing these erring policemen will not only protect the constitutional right to life of the innocent citizens of Nigeria, but it will also go a long way in building public trust in the police, and protecting the lives and safety of  police officers themselves.

I also want to call on fellow citizens of Nigeria, especially the youth, to be law abiding and avoid causing disturbance or exposing themselves to any danger. God bless Nigeria.

Hussaini Hussaini, Abuja,