When I graduated from the university, while at home waiting for NYSC mobilisation, I had this idea that I will surely “rock” ( you know what I mean by rock) my NYSC days. I had the feeling that NYSC is all about wearing the khaki with your dope white sneakers, sun shades, and bouncing on the street bearing the name “kopa”.

I see it as a one year of enjoyment and freedom because I knowIwill be away from home, I had already started seeing myself as a salary earner to the extent that I concluded once I step out of my city for NYSC I will never come back home till I finish. All this and more was as a result of my desire to have A lot of fun during the service year, at that period I was not thinking about my future or my life after the scheme at all.

But as God will have it, after my successful camping at Nsit Atai local government of Akwa Ibom state and my relocation to Bauchi I developed a different orientation, there was a twist in my thinking.

Considering the number of graduates produced every day and the low level of employment in my country, coupled with the fact I don’t have any connection with the state and federal government, I had to admit that the best thing for me to do is to utilise something from my allowances and venture into entrepreneurship. I got my self-thinking about what to do and how to save, I became business oriented though I already have the background. It wasn’t easy for me but to God be the glory I recorded a lot of success, am done with service, not working but at least I have a petty business am running that is giving me alot. To a large extent I became independent, I can cater for my immediate wants and needs.

The message  I am trying to pass is, any serving corp member that haven’t started thinking about what will become of his life after the NYSC, is in a very big trouble. (excluding my  long- legged folks). The first year after service is usually the most difficult and challenging for most graduates because that’s the very first time you will be experiencing the reality of life. But if you have a very good master plan then it will be easier for you.
Is not about the degree anymore, millions are at home with no job, learn a skill and develop passion for it, save a percentage of your allowances  ( I know you will say that chicken change), and invest.

In every journey to success, there are obstacles on the way, but I believe it is patience, commitment and dedication that will see you through, immediately .don’t expect to get everything immediately.  Do not relent in your strive to achieve excellence.