Dear Plateaunians,
I have resolved into using the medium of communication to reach you all, with regards to rumors flying on social media of a crisis that will be occurring, if some parties are not favored in the upcoming local government elections.

It is an indisputable fact that, Plateau State over the years used to be one of the most peaceful tourist destination in Nigeria, with abundance of natural resources, mineral deposits and fertile land, as well as the accommodating and hospitable culture of its people.

Be that as it may be, the spate of hate speech, warnings, threats emanating from various sections of the state is unfortunate and anti-productive, which is capable of throwing the citizens into confusion and likely to discourage both foreign and local investors who want to contribute to the betterment of the twelfth largest state in Nigeria.

The recent reactions to the agitations of the independent people of Biafra is quite unfortunate. As the Governor Simon Lalong put it during the period that, the conduct of some disgruntled element want to throw the metropolis into confusion.

This is coming at a time when the governor is trying to protect the state from ethnic and religious crises, farmers and nomadic herdsmen conflict, indigenes versus settlers dichotomy, and the various forms of marginalization that have rocked the entire state for so many years.

The most pressing issue confronting the state now is how some social media users are busy spreading fake news, issuing threats with regard to the local government elections, that something bad is expected to happen. Enough of this sadistic attitude as this muttering dark words of resentments would not take the state to its promise land.

It’s amazing how few individuals would be so obsessed with attention and popularity that they resort to spreading hate speeches so to become famous on this platforms.

Plateaunians, let think about our parents, loved ones and those that we have lost directly or indirectly as a result of various unfortunate incidence that have occurred in the state. Let’s overcome our differences, let’s resist anything that is capable of threatening our peaceful co-existence and disrupting the existing peace that’s currently been enjoyed.

I appeal to those involve to desist from doing so. Let’s work towards amending the cracks, cement all that happened in the past and ensure a viable future for us and the upcoming generations.

We should all remember that the state belong to all of us and nothing is achievable without peace. Peace is the panacea to progress, development and equanimity. I call on the State government to use all the medium available to preach the message of peace, love and harmony.

As the election is approaching, it is our task and responsibility to ensure that the electioneering process is successful devoid of violence or bloodshed.

Usama Jaafar is the media aide to hon. Suleiman Yahaya Kwande, member representing Jos North/Bassa federal constituency of Plateau state.

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