Blessing Olorungbemi is a graduate of Public Administration from the University of Abuja. She is into Catering Services and Event Management, with about four years in the field, Olorungbemi shares her experience with us.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Blessing Olorungbemi, am a graduate of Public Administration from the University of Abuja. Am from a family of six and I’m the first born. I am the CEO of BB’s Bite & Events.  We have been able to train about five others to be empowered in catering skills.

How did you come about BB’s & Events?

Being the first born, and a girl child, the kitchen is literally my home, I love to cook, and make people feel relaxed and happy, it just so happened that my love for the kitchen spurred me to make It professional and I had about 6months training, to be what BB’s Bite & Events is today.

Being a graduate of Public Administration what propelled you to trade your line of discipline for Catering and Events management?

Being a public Administrator, we deal with the public, whether in an event perspective, official setting or professional or market….. I just chose to direct my public administration skill towards Event Management.

From the Business perspective of your new found discipline, how receptive is catering and event management in a society like Nigeria?

Very receptive to the extent that it’s highly competitive, Nigeria society being an African country loves events, basically everyday there’s an event to celebrate.

How long have you been in this business?

I officially went into the business fully March this year, but I have been into it, since July 2013

Since July 2013! As an expert or a trainee under skill acquisition?

As an expert, but before now I went for my youth corps service, worked as a teacher for 2years, and then in 2017 I made it a full time business.

How Lucrative is catering and events in your judgment, would you say Catering and Event has paid off financially?

Base on my judgment, I have not made much, since I am just starting and people don’t know me yet, so basically my funds are going into publicity first, but am certain that once am known it will be lucrative for me because my services are of good quality and I will be able to retain all my customers.

What attempts have you made to publicize your brand?

I do a lot of promos, share flyers and my social media platforms have become an advert platform for my business, I also launched out recently at the millennium park, for people to come and taste our services freely and also witness how we organize events

What are the major challenges you’ve encountered since you started Catering officially?

Actually Capital is a major challenge, to get money you have to spend money… But majorly is getting a stand in the event and catering market, because of that I know you, or god fatherism syndrome, contracts most times go to incompetent persons, and I feel bad not because it’s not coming to me but because I know that I can deliver better

Any Success stories so far in and out of your work, if any, share it with us?

My success story is being able to satisfy my clients and also to have trained about five people who now have their individual businesses.

How possible is it that someday you may return to your degree in Public administration and practice?

Am already practicing, it depends on your point of view…. Because right now am administering the public in catering services and successful events. Being a small firm now, in the future we hope to expand to be able to employ more hands, the more the expansion, the more I interact with the public and administer directions for their satisfaction.

How old are you?

Hahahahahhahah (she laughs)

You can as well tell us, it might help inspire young and ambitious youths like yourself

Am in my mid-twenties

So where do you see BB’s Bites and Events In the next couple of years?

As a bigger firm, that can reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria and empower others to be self reliant

Lastly, what is your advice for young aspiring youths out there?

My advice for young aspiring youths, is to find there area of passion and go for it, every career or business has its hurdles, but when it’s your area of passion you will be able to thrive, you will be creative and innovative with it, and that’s where you will succeed.


Below are photos from Blessing’s last Food Exhibition…..