The Personal Assistant to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Genshak Golak has penned an emotional birthday message to his Fiancee, Jennifer Tanko as she celebrates her birthday today. Read below:

She has this voice that can simply make you feel so relaxed. As you now see, I don’t care anymore how you people can get me angry including my PDP folks, because all I need is just to press a call to the nerves cooling voice of this beautiful damsel who is celebrating her birthday today and there I have it, a guaranteed relief, so sweet relief.

I don’t know if these digital age children still feel excited about Christmas the way we do in the past, the way we sit-out at nights, just to make sure we do the countdown to Christmas and keep tract of each passing day, so I have been counting days to your birthday just like the little me of many years ago and this was to make sure I dedicate all the loves, the roses, the rainbows and all the smiles of this world to you.

When they say you can experience love on first sight,I have always written it off as just some art of literatures, but that smile you made and those dimples that came with it got me swept off my feet the first day I saw you and got me in love.

Well, I didn’t toast you that day just to avoid being misunderstood for thoughts like “may be na so im dey toast every babe wey show for im office”. Well, you people know I am a ‘gentleman’ and I rarely do that kind of a ‘thing’.

I have wanted to tell you how exactly my feelings are and how my eyes keep misbehaving and how I felt like a thirsty throat that just got watered, but shey you know that gentle me na? I had to put myself together and keep everything formal and that was just by the way, the rest is history.

Today is the perfect day to tell you that you’re a wonderful friend because you are everything a good man will wish for even as I look up to the day we will both say the “yes we do” in front of the crowd when i take you to the altar, once again Happy birthday!

I wish you all the best on this day and throughout the year.

CONGRATULATIONS my lovely Jennifer Tanko (JENNY).

Genshak Golak and Jenny