Hanifah Labo
Hanifah Labo

In this brief-piece by Hanifah Labo, a young author tries to look at ‘love’ from another perspective in a heartfelt manner. Have a good read:

Love means putting someone else’s needs before your needs. The thought of and the urge to always talk to your loved ones even when you have nothing to say to them can define the power of love.

Love is looking out for and having concern for a person just the way you do for yourself.

There is danger in professing ‘love’ because a person is “good to you” or “good-looking” or “rich.” When those qualities eventually fade, you will realize that you never truly loved them enough to live with their imperfections but rather the positive aspect of the life they displayed. Once you realize that all that glitters isn’t truly gold, you’ll become heart-broken.

You can fall in love, not to a perfectionist but human that can take advise to correct flaws and imperfections. Love is about give-and-take and appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of one another before living together.

Love means thinking of a partner that could guarantee the future of togetherness, even when they age and face difficult challenges, they can still live together and be happy.

Love means acknowledging each other’s flaws and looking forward to learning from them for a better future. Love should be nurtured in positive thinking and working towards making it work positively.

Caring about a person’s needs and craving their endless attention even when you have it already, demonstrate affection. A person can be kind and generous which may not translate to love. Once they stop, you realize the love was never real cause you expected it to last forever.

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