Dalung charges youths to hold political leaders accountable
 Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Solomon Selcap Dalung, has tasked youths in the country to rise up and take responsibility in holding government accountable in order to create the country they desire.
He noted that young people have a role to play to ensure that the country enjoys a better future; adding that everybody should be involved in finding solutions to the problems confronting the nation.
 Dalung gave the charge while delivering his keynote address at the occasion of the 2017 African Youth Day celebration held in Abuja with the theme: “Africa’s Youth for the Demographic Dividends: Be the Future Today” The African Youth Day is celebrated on November 1st but due to some exigencies, the Ministry was constrained to shift the marking of the 2017 edition to Thursday November 16th, 2017. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said young people should ask political leaders objective questions and resist moves by some members of the political class who seek to use them to achieve their selfish interests especially during electioneering periods.
 “Don’t agree with them when they (unscrupulous politicians) tell you to make yourselves available for thuggery and other sharp practice but rather ask them objective questions. “Irresponsible leaders have handed over cheap sentiments to us in exchange of our future and we cannot ask them question.
 That makes all of us guilty. “Today, youth leaders, who are saddled with the responsibility of speaking for young people all over the country, move around with very large convoys, extensive security details, and retinue of aides and assistants.
“The youths have sold their souls for pittance under what I term the ‘Wheel Barrow’ theory. Just as a wheel barrow neither has a designated parking lot nor possesses any form of value except the haulage of goods under deplorable conditions, so have the Nigerian youths of today made themselves to be.
 “But let me remind you, today, that the essence of youth leadership is to interface with government on the issues affecting the youths, and only the selfless youth can play that role,” the Minister .
Dalung added that youth involvement in governance for the protection and promotion of their interest is paramount, adding that youths are not only national assets but the future of the nation.. “The nation that does not carry its youths along or the nation that the youths show apathy to governance would have itself to blame when it begins to experience a chaotic future.
 “I wish to conclude by soliciting for the continued support, co-operation and active participation of every Nigerian youth in the Change Agenda of the President Muhammadu Buhari- led administration,” he said.