I enjoy my Christmas New  Year holiday which was very perfect. I and my family and my friends had a amazing experience during the short break of the holiday.
Even though we are Muslims, I have many Christian friends and we visited them as we normally do every year. We never allow the differences of our religion to affect our friendship and relationship.
Some of my Christian friends include Samuel, Joshua, Emma and Okunade and Adekunle among others. We are all human beings serving the same Almighty God.
As part of the fun, I went to the amusement park for horse riding and others. As we approach 2018, I pray this year will be better for my family and friends. I will be eleven years on November 4, 2018. I pray my family will have an opportunity to travel abroad in 2018 for family holiday.
I wish everyone Happy New Year.
Suleman Yushau Shuaib
Fouad Lababidi Academy