The students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo, Ondo State on Monday went on rampage as they brought halt to examination activities early this morning in a clash between students and the school management. YBTCNEWS reporting

The online newspaper gathered that the Polytechnic had just resumed from a long industrial action by the school management and where expected to commence examination Monday morning.

It reports that “Early this morning we were to commence a examination after going on a long strike, but this morning the school management insisted that students would not be allowed to take examination if school fees had not been paid.

“Suddenly we started hearing noises from several examination hall and students were seen running out, as i did same too.”

However, the burst up between students and management after left the examination hall into a rancorous scene as some of the school facilities were being destroyed.

Meanwhile, a source was quoted to have said that: “The school ICT building was attacked by angry students and the school security was in time to intervene.

“Students were seen being chased out of the examination hall and the school premises by the Polytechnic’s Security.”

Meanwhile, the online media said that all its efforts to reach the school management  proved abortive.

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