Corps member aids release of 21 inmates

A National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, Miss Faridah Awa-Ibraheem, has facilitated the release of 21 inmates from the Badagry Prisons in Lagos State through her pet project, FAI Homeless Initiative (FAIHI).

The corps member paid the fines and met the bail conditions of the inmates to secure their release.

The prisoners were said to have been jailed for minor offences.

Last September, Miss Awa-Ibraheem berthed FAIHI with the aim of feeding 300 persons or more every month.

The young accountant, who holds a degree and Masters in Accounting and Finance from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom (UK), had fed street hawkers and other prisoners in the last seven months of her philanthropic gestures.

Miss Awa-Ibraheem, who just completed her national service at one of the top accounting firms in Nigeria, said: “What we have been able to achieve at FAIHI is something we can only be proud of so early in our growth as a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

“Some of these prisoners are family men, but they were locked up and unable to fend for themselves. I hope that one day the system can be better reformed so that people are provided with better opportunities that keep them off the streets and out of prison.”

She added: “The process has been rigorous and tedious, but having heard the disheartening stories of how some of them ended up in prison, I got even more strengthened to identify with their plight.

“But now, I can, with great relief and a sense of gratitude, thank my donors. The project has cost more than N3 million. I now hope we as an NGO can do even more and positively impact as many more lives as possible.”

FAIHI’s partners include Gavel, an NGO with lawyers providing pro bono services to inmates, as well as its corporate sponsor, ICMA Professional Services.

Miss Awa-Ibraheem also has the support of her family and friends for her NGO.

While many of the recipients prayed for her, she urged onlookers and Lagosians to look out for other upcoming projects and ensure they put forward those who need help on their website: and Instagram page: homelessinitiative_ngo.