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Poly Sacks Acting Rector For Using Allegedly Forged PhD Certificates


A polytechnic in Igbajo, Osun State, has sacked its acting rector, Akinola Olaolu, for allegedly using a fraudulent PhD certificate to get the job.

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the institution, Inaolaji Aboaba, said this on Saturday while addressing journalists in the town.

He explained that the decision to relieve the acting rector of his position was reached following the confirmation from the University of Ibadan that the embattled Olaolu did not obtain any PhD certificate from the school where he had claimed to have bagged the PhD.

Akinola Olaolu who joined the Igbajo Polytechnic as a deputy rector in December 2015 had claimed he had a PhD Certificate in Economics from the University of Ibadan until recently when he could not produce the original documents of the said certificate.

His claim to have a PhD in Economics from UI on his arrival led to the exit of the former rector Tanimowo Oke, who had a master’s degree at the time.

But in the latest development, Aboaba noted that having confirmed that the certificate did not emanate from the University of Ibadan, the governing council of the Polytechnic decided to sack the rector.

According to him, the institution has zero tolerance for such fraudulent acts, capable of jeopardizing the integrity.

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