Exclusive: Smoking weed is my source of music inspiration – Jim Iyke confesses 

Popular actor Jim Iyke recently visited NAIJ.com and he spoke about his career, his entrepreneurship drive, witnessing the birth of his son, how one can make it as an actor and how smoking weed was directly responsible for his sojourn as a musician.

Excerpts below:

On why he became an entrepreneur

I’m a man from the east primarily and that sets the tone. I grew up amongst merchants and businessmen including my mum. My mum was very business minded while my dad was more intellectual so whenever he got his salary, he gave it to my mum to invest. I grew up with a pretty expensive taste and so I knew I had to find a way to make money. I sold fake t-shirts in school so it was that drive that led me into business. In time I understood the philosophy that eggs cannot be put in one basket.

How one can make it as an actor

We are in an economy that has not been kind to its youth so that lives a narrow way to make ends meet. Entertainment seems like the only viable option for now. Our government is not doing what they are supposed to do. And we should be happy that these youths are not turning to crime. I don’t care if there is an overload of people joining the industry, let them keep coming. You have to go through training and also be able to take constructive criticism. You should put in work, once you do, you are an actor.

His sojourn with music

Music was the creative juice of the moment. I smoked weed that day, true story. Weed doesn’t agree with me. I’ve done a lot of foolish things because of people daring me. That day I was hanging out with 2face and co and a little weed had been smoked and they said it is time for you to put out that song. I’ve learnt my lesson and I’m not going back. My music career was weed induced. I’ve stuck to what I know.

Why he doesn’t appear in movies anymore

Truthfully, not anybody can afford me as it were. Without sounding immodest, I’ve paid my dues through blood, sweat and tears. So I’ve set a certain fee and a certain standard. I’m a man that talks about salaries to pay and ensuring that I’m going from riches to wealth. So, it’s just so happens that anyone that approaches me has to come correct. The script has to be excellent and of course the money has to be right.

Source: naija.ng.