Will Nigeria Prosper in 2019 and Beyond: Ratings, Reality & Real Issues [Part 1]

By: fifeBANKS

Historically, Nigeria has never been an easy nut to crack for anybody –foreign imperialists, local politicians, development practitioners, global corporations, indigenous entrepreneurs or even
private investors.

Nigeria is in a class of its own. One in Africa, one in the world.

It may be hilarious to think one of the most popular questions across the world right now is:

“Who will win Nigeria’s 2019 presidential elections? Who is the one with the capacity, competence and character required to deliver shared prosperity for every Nigerian?”

The answer is: “No one knows for sure!”

However, one of the real and right questions we should be asking is: Post-recession, does Nigeria have what it takes to really recover and ensure sustainable socio-economic growth in 2019 and beyond?

Will Nigeria ever prosper?

This is most definitely not a funny or simple inquiry and attempts to proffer off-the-shelf solutions leave pundits, not to mention politicians, more perplexed than ever before. Well, it seems some of the indigenous specialists are still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The just concluded 24th Nigerian Economic Summit’s theme was “Poverty to Prosperity: Making Governance and Institutions Work”.

This ‘PROSPERITY DEVELOPMENT’ conversation is a step in the right direction because it’s high time we change the questions we are asking if we are ever going to get different results. It’s
time to shift our attention from ‘eradicating poverty’ to ‘developing prosperity’. It’s time to
adopt the #ProsperityParadigm because no one arrives at the North by facing the South.