Andrew Odoh, the nation’s number one ranked professional golf player, says being number one comes with so much pressure.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos that the pressure constantly kept him on his toes.

He added that unlike in other climes where players only focus on training and being ready all year round for competition, it was not the same in Nigeria.

“In golf we don’t get such luxury in this part of the world, it makes it even hard and puts more pressure on you because most times you have to travel from your own pocket.

“The thing is of course everything comes with pressure for sure, it just depends on how you handle it at the end of the day.

“When you set your goals, you will actually need to push ranks for them, because you want to achieve it,” he said.

On how he intends to build on his achievements from 2018, Odoh told NAN that he would have to go all-out and not rest on his laurel.

“Last year I was able to achieve my set objective to a reasonable extent, I won a tournament here in Nigeria and I won one international in Cameroon.

“This year I am aspiring to top that achievement, all things being equal I hope to continuously participate in foreign tournaments in order to keep improving my rank internationally,” the golfer said.

NAN reports that Odoh is ranked number one by the Professional Golf Association of Nigeria, and 36 on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa.

He has won over 32 championships within Nigeria and six internationally. (NAN)