Last time I visited the the Utako Park in Abuja, I witnessed the fact that many persons are moving out of the federal capital territory, findings showed that many persons were going to perform their duties of voting.
Such is the preparation for this Presidential election that many persons are willing to sacrifice alot for.
With this election touted to be well contested and expectation of massive participation, one cannot but understand that this period of voting remains very critical to the affairs of the nation both in the present and future.
The election can be likened to a pregnant woman going to the Labor room after Nine months . This simply put would mean that the election is coming after four years of preparedness. What remains to be seen is if there will be a natural delivery ( Winner known immediately after election), Caserian section (Court determines the winner ) and also prayers that the pregnancy doesn’t produce a dead child .
At this crucial time,  anyone who allows himself to be used as a political thug and dies should understand that election will come and go, but Nigeria will remain.
The Independent National Electoral Commission must live to its billing and conduct an election we can be proud of now and even years to come. Violence is resistable  but we must ensure that we also enhance peace through conduct of security officials,  ad-hoc staffs and other important stakeholders.
I must state emphatically like I posited in my last article that the country remains our  own, we must understand that democracy is the best thing that can happen to us.
Regardless of who emerges , the country must continue to experience peace. I also wish to state that Politics is not someplace where you kill yourself nor  do politicians care about if  you kill yourself.
Nigeria is a blessed country, God has made us the best in the world , he has given us intellect and we must put it to use before ,during and after the election.
I also encourage Nigerians to come out enmasse for the voting activities, you cannot keep complaining about underdevelopment for the country when you refuse to exercise your rights . The mentality that the election will be rigged whether you vote or not must be stopped.
We must all decide who our leaders will and you must stay to peacefully defend your vote.
Remember the choice we make on February 16, will shapen alot about the Nigerian society for another Four years .
As we go to the polls, I admonish us to remember that the future of our Children  and what history will say about the country depends on the decisions we make, our actions and inactions before, during and after the elections .
God bless Nigeria.
Aroghalu Chidozie Law
Writes from Abuja