The special Assistant on New Media to the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Oluwole Onemola has debunked the viral video of his Boss encouraging people to vote for the President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The video, an eighteen seconds tape, went viral earlier today (15th February), and saw the Senate President encouraging his supporters to vote for Buhari, being the only way to remain in power, before he was corrected by his audience.

Reacting to the video, Onemola alleged that the video was doctored and “simply for the sake of pushing out propaganda”

In a series of tweets today, he said that the whole tape has been doctored and urged the public to disregard it, as his boss is committed to making Nigeria better.

He tweeted: “For the second time in 3 days, the APC has doctored another campaign instrument — simply for the sake of pushing out propaganda. In what world would Saraki, the DG of Atiku’s campaign, who has seen first hand the incompetence of Buhari ask people to vote for a failed President?

“The entire tape has been doctored, much in the same way that the APC faked a letter to the Senate President earlier this from Brian Ballard and even went as far as forging his signature.”

The public should disregard the desperate antics of the losing APC. We all want a Better Nigeria, and none of us would encourage even half a person to vote for Buhari” he added

However, the tweets which has been trending has garnered mix reactions from Nigerians

A Twitter user, Mu’awiyyah Muye, @MP_ Muye said the video wasn’t doctored, that it was a gaffe and the senate President should agree as it’s obvious from the tape

Come to think of it, what’s here to doctor? It’s obvious he made a mistake just like PMB sometimes makes and you guys say he has dementia, the audience shouting and correcting him were also doctored ba? Lol. You guys are too emotional” he reacted

Wole A, @nvWole requested for the original tape to convince Nigerians that the video was manipulated.

“If there is no original, there can’t be a doctored. Kindly post the original video”

Ridwan Omooba, @chiefow tweeted that none of the APC antics would work. He said the “doctored video” would not make the APC government emerged victorious.

“Non of their antics will work, no amount of doctored videos against Bukola Saraki will make Buhari to win this election.” He added

Buhari is long gone.” He added