Mr Ziku Eze, the proprietor of Timber Records, has urged artists signed under record labels to always honour such contracts.

Eze told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that artists should not act on desperation while signing contracts.

“A record label owner risks a lot in signing on  artists, especially, the  up-and-coming ones. So, the artists are under obligation  to honour such contract.

“Artists should read through the contract properly and ensure they understand  the terms and conditions involved before signing it.

“ Such will afford the parties concerned the opportunities to make adjustment in the areas which the artist may disagree with.

“You can not sign a contract and half way after you had started impelmenting it, you want to cancel it or back off of it. There will be consequences and this will not be good for both parties.’’

He urged people to tap into the entertainment industry.

“The Nigerian  entertainment industry has reached greater heights over the years but more can still be done to attain the levels of the European countries.

“The government needs to support the sector by injecting more funds into it  and giving support to artists so that they can break even,” he said. (NAN)