Gone are the days when you start a fresh morning at weekend with a cup of coffee and a fresh newspaper.  Pages can easily be read by adjusting glasses or head in the direction of the printed materials.

Printed materials: books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and marketing brochures are quickly becoming alternative as the new online empire with its websites, blogs, newsletters, forums, e-books and sales letters are currently trending. The new platform has made it possible and easy to get instant feedback from  writers without having to wait for weeks. This in itself has made many to marry  smartphone unofficially. This generation has generated into the age of computer and technology.

Nowadays, the electronic gadgets: personal computer or smartphone is enough to read thousand pieces of information. This is enough to read, connect and be part of discussion forum as the case may be.

Social media has a wide range of advantage other than chatting- the major advantage which many youth see through. Information technology has made teaching and learning easier than it was, a lot of skills could be absorbed online with just simple guide from an expert.

Painfully, many persons do not see through the great opportunities available online because they have been blindfolded with many chatting fora which consume  time and internet connection. Sometimes, some decry the absence of people to chat with. This is one of the reasons many graduates are defeated by skills, with the availability of educative platform to interact with expert, many are still skill-less, learning online is rather a boring lifestyle to many, hence they need someone to crack the day with and laugh out pressure within.

A few of what can be learnt in the internet space include blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce business, book publishing, app development, skype coaching, drop shipping, book review blog, web developing, podcasting, online marketing.

Similarly, internet is the world biggest source of information and there is absolutely nothing impossible to get via the internet. A number of skills and pieces of information have been packaged in audio-visual for anyone who cares to learn; hence a systematic rehearsal would turn out into a tangible result. However, internet connection may be required to access the website which connect learners to their career.

Another benefit of the internet is globalization. Internet has gathered the entire world into small screen. It is now easy to share ideas and discuss  solutions to many global problems.

Considering the enormous benefits that surround the internet, it is appalling for any young mind who has a lot to contribute towards the growth and development of its country to jeopardize time within the circumference of social media, chatting friends and family without any personal development in return.

There are many benefits on the social media beyond chatting. Hence, it is important to use the internet for personal development rather than personal destruction.

Iyiola Oluwatosin Damilare