The Deputy National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Honorable Bolaji Repete has charged Nigerian Youths to be ambassadors who are ready to rule not ready to run alone. He said this during a chat with Journalists.

The National ruling Party scribe noted that Youths in Nigeria have been disappointing , he stated that good leadership is about preparedness to provide good leadership and not a factor of age.

He also cautioned the use of social media which he said has become a tool for attack.
“Many Youths Only use Social Media to abuse or support Political parties ,post pictures and other irrelevancies but social media is beyond that”, he noted.
Hon Bolaji also unveiled that there are plans to ensure proper use of Technology and Information Technology with various programs designed by his office to this effect.

Speaking further, he posited that Technology and Information Technology courses should be made compulsory in Tertiary institutions, he stated that it is the only way to ensure prosperity.

There has been clamor for more encouragement for Technology and Information Technology in Nigeria and more profitable use for social media.