For Oyeshola Segun, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, he had envisiaged life after campus as one of the best .

Finishing from the department of management and Accounting in the institution, he had hoped to serve in a financial institution under best Conditions.

For him however, the Nigerian Government through the National Youths Service Corps had other plans for him.
First, he was posted to Borno state and as an average Nigerian , fears enveloped him.

Speaking with this reporter, Segun Stated that at First he was scared when he got his posting but on second thought he felt that “since people live in Borno state , he will survive, many of my colleagues redeployed but I refused to follow suit”.

As a young man who lived major part of his life in Lagos, Osun and other South Western states, his family was worried when he broke the news that he has been posted to Maiduguri in Borno state
“They were worried about the development but I assured them of my safety ” he noted.


“Coming to the area where everyone paints as very dangerous , I had spent first few days not sure of what to expect, I have however come to terms with the relative peace in the society” he shared.

He stated that all his life , he had always wanted to make an impact in the society and he saw the posting as a chance to do just that.

Speaking on his observations, he noted the zeal For education but the fact that many persons who have been displaced due to insurgency could not get adequate trainings
” The issue of insurgency created a huge societal mess, infact, I saw many persons who wanted to take Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examinations and I was happy, to see females and males alike not detered from education was thrilling” Segun stated.

He also noted that as against the usual cry of hostility, he had enjoyed every moment spent in Maiduguri while stating that the people there have become more security conscious.

“They are very friendly here and if I did not accept this posting, I could have blamed myself” he noted.


As a young man, I am yet to get a full time job but really I could not help with the state of the learning conditions, what I do is to take free tutorials for those going for different examinations

“I take tutorials for the indigenes who want to take different examinations”

On if language has ever been a barrier
“Language has not been a barrier for me, as a matter of fact, I have locals who also assist this effort I do make from time to time . The joy in the face of those who attend the classes is something that keeps me moving” .

He also revealed that he is currently (as at the time of this report) taking over Thirty persons on skills on fashion designing which he hopes they make a living from

” I am trained in Fashion designing so one of the basic things I decided to do is to impart the society through this skill too, in fact I have females who are local to assist in this realm”

He told this reporter that many of the participants had to convinced of coming outside their shell to learn this skills

“I engaged in various sensitization program collaborating with various Village heads and they have been helpful in ensuring that people participate in this activities”
“Some of them can now cut and sew and I hope they get help to set-up” Segun stated.

I have dedicated my monthly allowance and other help I could get to this cause, in fact, I believe this is what our society needs, some areas should not be neglected at the expense of another.

He stated that although he has benefited from immense love of the society, he intends doing more as he hopes to keep donating his allowance to making lives better in Maiduguri

“There is no bigger service than this” he expressed.

Stakeholders’ React
For the Former Head of the Accounting Department, College of Education, Science and Technology , Bama, Mr. Oko-Oboh Jude , the gestures of the Youths Corp member has helped the society huge and it is something that gladdens his heart each day.

Jibril A. Hassan, Coordinator, Centre for Human Resources Development also commended the efforts of Mr Segun stating that it is worthy of emulation.

A participant, Rose , expressed joy at the trainings stating that it has helped her hugely especially coming at a time when they are in dire need of it.

Segun’s Appeal
The Youth Corper told this newspaper that the government should continue to reach out to this society as there are many persons hoping to get stronger education and Life through impacts.

Maiduguri was hit by Boko Haram Terrorists years ago making it a zone many would want to avoid threading.

Additional pictures of the Corper during Trainings and Tutorials below.