Barrister Shittu Calls Out Past Oyo State Government Over Management Of State

Former Minister of Communications Technology, Barrister Adebayo Shittu has called out the past Oyo state government over issues relating to poor management of the state and projects in the state.

In a press statement personally signed by him he commended Niyi Akintola, Niyi Raji, Jeleel Owonikoko , all respected Senior advocates of Nigeria.

He said “No doubt Oyo state has had a cruel Misfortune of Merchant leaders who out of extreme greed had turned our dear state into harvesting grounds” he noted.

“We have had leaders whose claims to progressivism are mere claims not backed by altruistic deeds. We have had leaders who, at the end of their tenure,became richer than the state itself. The sarcasm goes on and on. Apart from the two roads mentioned earlier, we also need to similarly look at the abandoned roads in Shaki my homestead and in Oyo and Ogbomosho”

Barrister Shittu noted that previously constructed roads cost the state more than necessary

“Would it not be intriguing for instance to know that the 10Km stretch of Eleyele Ologuneru road overlay, supposedly meant to be double lane cost the Oyo state government 3.3billion naira”he quipped.

“Should we not also be interested in knowing how much has so far been spent on a non-existing Toll-Gate Ife Ring Road? Could our dear state have had more profligate government than the one who imposed all of these mischief on our people” the statement read.

He also assured of his readiness and collaboration towards ensuring a better governance for Oyo state.

Although the statement did not mention the name of any governor, he may be referring to the Ajimobi led administration which he has faulted the style of leadership a number of times.