To Achieve a Digital Nigeria, We Must Begin Reorientation Now- Digital Literacy Advocacy Club

The Digital Literacy Advocacy Club has called for reorientation of Nigerians towards the quest for a Digital Nigeria.

This was stated in a Press statement signed by the media lead of the club, Olugbenga Toki. The statement noted that many Nigerians still do not understand the importance of Technology with some seeing it as a less important in national development.
“We must begin to tell Nigerians why they should acquire skills, our findings show that in the rural areas for instance, many persons are yet to come to terms on why their wards who attend school should still have knowledge of Digital tools or understand its application” the statement read in part.

The club noted that trends such as abuse of the use of social media due to poor orientation is dangerous for the sustenance of the Country.
Toki in the statement also noted that not all those who use Laptops for their businesses are criminals and it is wrong to paint any other case a part from this.

“While we comment the efforts of the federal government towards ensuring that more Nigerians are Digital literates, it is still worrisome that security operatives are reportedly treating those who work with Laptop computers as potential cyber criminals, this will not help our quest for Digital literacy”. The statement noted.

The Digital Literacy Advocacy club stated that parents now find it difficult to encourage their wards who do content writing, Social Media Marketing and other Digital works because of the cyber-criminal tag.

The club called on the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami and other stakeholders to lead the reorientation exercise so Nigeria does not pay for it and so it does not affect the Digital Economy target for 2030.

The Digital Literacy Advocacy Club is an initiative of the TechMirror Magazine and hopes to support the quest for a Digital Africa through its works.